I don’t know a bunch of stuff, let’s find out what, and remedy the situation.

I opened a new 3D project and stared at the screen. What’s the first step? We need a character, and something for it to run on.

Googled: “Add character 3D world”, clicked first link.



Terrain tool

I’ve never used this.

Creating a new terrain: GameObject menu -> 3D Object -> Terrain

Adjusting terrain contour

Click the icon that looks like a paint brush in the terrain Inspector.


Adding grass

First, we need a grass texture asset. Here’s a free one: Grass Flowers Pack Free by ALP8310 #UnityAssetStore https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/textures-materials/grass-flowers-pack-free-138810

Just import the whole thing.

Click the details icon in the terrain Inspector. It looks like a trio of flowers.

Click ‘Edit Details’, then ‘Add Grass Texture’

For ‘Detail Texture’, select one of the newly imported grass textures by clicking the little circle next to the entry.

Still working on getting the grass to show up.

(Later): Got it! Once I realized grass was also a brush, I took one of the solid grass textures I’d added and painted out a bunch of really creepy squares. But I couldn’t see them! So I changed the min size from 1 to 20. I was immediately lost in a sea of creepy squares that turned to face me wherever I went…

Standard Assets

Where are they? The only option under ‘Assets’ > ‘Import Package’ is ‘Custom Package’


“Try downloading the Standard Assets installer from their website.”

  1. http://unity3d.com/get-unity/download?ref=personal
  2. Click additional downloads
  3. Click Standard Assets

Can’t find it.


Useless? It’s for version 2017.3

Searching the asset store reveals only 2017.3 Standard Assets, which folks seem to have success with.


Install that. Now under Project explorer > Assets > Standard Assets > Characters > FirstPersonCharacter > Prefabs grab FPSController and drop it into your Scene. Position it above the terrain.

Delete the ‘Main Camera’.

Run the game! Now we’re moving about in a really ugly terrain.

(Later) Fixed the terrain! Similar to adding grass, the terrain textures get added and selected as brush types. Then paint away!

“Shiny” Lamegame

Grass. Terrain texture. Mountains. What more could you ask for.

Play it now!