Matthew Odle

August 2020 Status Update

What I’ve been working on:

  • (project management) compiling a list of past projects and their statuses (currently 31 projects, some very rough POC, some actually useful)
  • (site) converting landing page to hugo-generated site
  • (site) playing with asciinema for use in site demos (previous approach was screen recordings uploaded to youtube, then embedded youtube videos in the content page)
  • (site) enhancing my digitalocean droplet management tooling (terraform/ansible)
  • (dev) hacking a markov chain generator in python
  • (dev) exploring python’s argparse and developing API-wrapper CLI tools
  • (game dev) developing a text-based tactics RPG using python, with libraries such as blessings, pyinquirer, etc.
  • (gaming tools) developing a note system and resource tracker for remote play of 13th age d20
  • (gaming) jumping on the hype train for the new WOW expansion and immediately falling off (a lot has changed in the decade since I played, but it’s still basically the same, quite shallow and repetetive, and not a great use of my time; the enjoyment only lasted a couple weeks as I discovered all the content I’d missed)
  • (gaming) catching up on my steam library; I’m keeping the list of visible games < 15; last weekend I finished Firewatch, which was superb; now I’m working my way through the Grim Dawn main story, which is also quite good
  • (books) sorting my physical books related to biographies and autobiographies by birth year of the subject, and graphing them on a timeline (interest here is covering every time period in recorded history if possible; will worry about geography later, usually there’s enough world-times analysis to satisfy, ignoring bias for now)
Update: 2020-08-23

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