Katamari Knockoff - Working Title

Weird Stretchy Problem on Instantiate > SetParent with Prefabs

Super weird stretchy problem when objects were made using Instantiate/SetParent. It turns out this is a change in unity 5.5 where a bool is needed with SetParent.



no problem

instance.transform.SetParent(transform, false);

Moving things to the player once they’ve stuck

Random.onUnitSphere doesn’t do what I want

This makes things crazy.

Physics.ClosestPoint seems to do what I want.

Now to only have it operate on things stuck to the player.

Added this to control attached toggle:

using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine;

public class ThingToggler : MonoBehaviour {
    public bool attached = false;

Now in PlayerController.DoPickup:

other.gameObject.GetComponent<ThingToggler>().attached = true;

Then in ThingCondenser:

if (!GetComponent<ThingToggler>().attached) {

Attached ThingCondenser and ThingToggler to all of the flower prefabs, and we’re in business.

More things

Microphones. Because.

Also, microphone bowling.